We've started putting sustainability first when it comes to our business decisions.

Here are just some of the ways we minimise our harm to the environment...

Eco-Shipping ✈️

We offer free direct-from-manufacture shipping that cuts carbon-emissions massively.

How It Works

Traditional shipping works this way. The order travels from supplier to us, then travels from us to our courier, then travels from the courier to your door.

With our free Eco Shipping option, our supplier sends out the order straight from where it was made. This means no unnecessary and wasteful travel. Your order will "carpool" with countless other orders - making the logistical journey far more efficient. This may take longer - but it helps the planet! 

Tree Planting 🌱

For every order that is processed with the "Eco Tracked" shipping option, we plant one tree.

How It Works

At the end of each month, we tally-up every order placed that selected our "Eco Tracked" option. We then donate to our partners over at One Tree Planted to get as many trees planted as eco-shipped orders processed.

1 Eco Order = 1 Tree Planted 🌳

Packaging ♻️

Orders that we deliver from within the UK are packaged in 100% recyclable poly-mailers. Packaging that sticks around for less is a win for planet Earth.